Senior sprinter Madison Patrick-Hughes

  Senior sprinter Madison Patrick-Hughes is competing for a podium finish at the state meet this year. She has also become one of three Rangers to accept track scholarships this year. Patrick-Hughes will be attending the College of Idaho in the fall of 2017. Madison said “I visited a few other schools, but i really bonded with the coach there and they offered me $28,000, … Continue reading Senior sprinter Madison Patrick-Hughes

Vaulting into Virginia: Alexi Speas

One of the newest members of The Southern Virginia University Knights track and field team in Buena Vista will be Park High’s very own Alexi Speas.  Although she has focused the majority of her athletic career on gymnastics and has only done two years of track, she will be a collegiate track athlete. When discussing how after merely two years of track she is going … Continue reading Vaulting into Virginia: Alexi Speas

Geyser Staff represents in Missoula

  Back to back.  Four Geyser staff members recently took their talents to Missoula to attend the Montana High School Journalism Conference, and compete against other Montana schools in various areas of journalism.  While in Missoula, The Geyser staff received many individual honors, but also was recognized as the top Class A Newspaper publication in the state for the second consecutive year. “I nearly jumped … Continue reading Geyser Staff represents in Missoula

New tardy policy working, but sparks controversy

Everybody knows to do well in school you have to be here. It seems like people take advantage of the policy to its last possible day. At Park High, attendance has been a problem. But with a new policy and a new person in charge, this has changed dramatically. Vice Principal, Lori Dust was the driving force to put a new policy in play. According … Continue reading New tardy policy working, but sparks controversy