Get your clothing haul without the mall

Only have $20 dollars in your pocket? Don’t want to spend $50 dollars on a t shirt? Then hit up your local thrift shop. You can find hundreds of great deals and tons of unique finds right in your hometown. Who knows, one of these thrift shops may become your new favorite store!
Livingston has quite a few second hand shops such as Thrift Weis, The Mainstreeter,and Community Closet. If you are hunting for higher end finds you should check out the Curated Closet located in place of the old Vogue shop. Bozeman has many good thrift stores as well such as Sacks of Bozeman, Salvation Army, Goodwill, rethink thrift inc., and Nu2u thrift.
Bozeman also has some higher end shops such as Catwalk and ReCouture, both places that buy and sell nice and name brand garments. These are all great places to donate and buy new and old things anywhere from clothes to unique jewelry and more. Since it is January, people are donating a lot more than usual so they can get tax deductions before the year ends, people make their New Year’s resolution to clear out clutter, and those who donate gifts they didn’t want. Get a clothing haul without going to the mall. Enjoy shopping!