Sam Saarel Uses His Skills To Create Videos

One of the most memorable weeks of any high schoolers life is Homecoming; the games, assemblies, parade, and dress up days make for a lively atmosphere. The gym was packed October 6, 2017 when senior Sam Saarel took center stage to show off his passion. During the powderpuff game Saarel filmed the action from above with a remote controlled drone. Just a few days later he had turned the footage into a masterpiece that shocked the student body.
Even at a young age Sam and his twin sister Larissa have enjoyed creating music videos, films, and taking pictures of their experiences. Sam has only been filming seriously for about a year now, but has made great advancements on his techniques, editing, and creating his own signature style. Saarel wanted to start showing people things they may not be seeing by making a permanent collection of those magical moments.
Saarel is known around the school for being a wild and adventurous guy. If you follow his Instagram you have seen some stunning moments while he shreds down a ski slope, races in his ranger track uniform, and glides up mountains with his twin sister and their precious puppy, Cisco. He finds his inspiration for films in the moments he lives with his friends. He only hopes to influence someone else to be living their best life.
With each video Saarel gets closer and closer to the dream of making a career out of what he loves to do. Saarel even had a showing at the Shane center on December 10 last year. Getting his name out has been an important focus, but he seems to be making progress as William James Sooter, a professional photographer for National Geographic, has invited Saarel to join him on an African Expedition.
Be sure to support the future of your fellow Park High students! You can support Sam by subscribing to his YouTube channel, which is titled “Sam Saarel” or his Instagram: @sam_saarel. For extra footage of this exciting group you can find Cisco, their beautiful golden retriever, on instagram @ciscothemtpup.