High schoolers use up their “spare” time

Since 1981, Park High School students have gathered at Treasure Lanes, Livingston’s bowling alley, to participate in the youth bowling leagues.  Students love to go and give it their shot at throwing the ball down the lanes. With the league normally starting at the beginning of October and going through late March to early April, the young bowlers gather once a week to bowl.  The … Continue reading High schoolers use up their “spare” time

Students Turned Thrifters

Aisles dimly lit by fluorescent lights, cluttered shelves, and the mysterious musty smell that all thrift stores seem to have can be off-putting to some people. But to others, they are part of the experience. Thrift shopping is like treasure hunting. The only difference is that you never know what you’re looking for. One man’s trash is literally another man’s treasure. Junior Eva Molina is … Continue reading Students Turned Thrifters

Christmas Climbing Competition

The Park High School Climbing Club hosted its first competition of the school year on Tuesday, December 3rd in the Park High RecPlex. Six high schoolers participated in the 12 Routes of Christmas competition, competing to win the top award. The routes were worth different amounts of points depending on difficulty. Every attempt on a route subtracted one point from a climber’s score. Senior August … Continue reading Christmas Climbing Competition

Students take their music to the cloud to gain followers

Students at Park High are producing their own music and publishing it on SoundCloud, an online audio distribution platform started in 2007 that enables its users to upload, record, promote, and share their originally-created sounds. While some students are just doing it for fun, other creators have dreams of getting noticed and making it big. Seniors Peter Gregory, Colin Marks, and Garrett Greathouse are in … Continue reading Students take their music to the cloud to gain followers

Trump’s first year in office yields historic change

Corbin Simmons Geyser Staff Writer In the year of 2017 Donald J Trump was sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States of America. With the passage of his new GOP tax bill two weeks ago, Donald Trump and his administration has made 81 extreme achievements in his first year in office, which is fulfilling his campaign promises to all his people … Continue reading Trump’s first year in office yields historic change

Early Graduation calls for Early Celebration

After the holidays the hallways start bustling again with excitement to see friends that we had missed over the break, however for some Seniors, the time after break is a countdown to their final days at Park High. Graduating early is something quite a few people think about, but most do not complete. Leaving high school six months early to pursue a new adventure is … Continue reading Early Graduation calls for Early Celebration

Finals Fiasco

When I first started writing this column I had planned to talk about the horrifying events of the slave trade going on in Libya, but since we just came back from the holiday season i decided that maybe we can get right back into the swing of things by talking about Finals. As most everyone should know, we have a new finals schedule planned for … Continue reading Finals Fiasco