Sam Saarel Uses His Skills To Create Videos

One of the most memorable weeks of any high schoolers life is Homecoming; the games, assemblies, parade, and dress up days make for a lively atmosphere. The gym was packed October 6, 2017 when senior Sam Saarel took center stage to show off his passion. During the powderpuff game Saarel filmed the action from above with a remote controlled drone. Just a few days later … Continue reading Sam Saarel Uses His Skills To Create Videos

Early Graduation calls for Early Celebration

After the holidays the hallways start bustling again with excitement to see friends that we had missed over the break, however for some Seniors, the time after break is a countdown to their final days at Park High. Graduating early is something quite a few people think about, but most do not complete. Leaving high school six months early to pursue a new adventure is … Continue reading Early Graduation calls for Early Celebration

Finals Fiasco

When I first started writing this column I had planned to talk about the horrifying events of the slave trade going on in Libya, but since we just came back from the holiday season i decided that maybe we can get right back into the swing of things by talking about Finals. As most everyone should know, we have a new finals schedule planned for … Continue reading Finals Fiasco

Hallways NOT churches, don’t congregate

The five minutes in between classes are usually filled with chaos, noises, and hallways flooded with students. We all understand the amount of activities you may need to fit in during those passing times, everyone faces them, but the new year has brought a new reign of terror to the halls. So, you’re going to learn today. Hallways are a common area for students, and … Continue reading Hallways NOT churches, don’t congregate

Mistletoe movies

Looking for a smooth way to start something magical this holiday season? On December 20, 2017, director Michael Gracey will release a musical based off of the imagination of P.T Barnum. “The Greatest Showman” is a musical production that will follow the story of the showman P.T Barnum as he rose in the world of show business. Barnum will be played by Hugh Jackman, along … Continue reading Mistletoe movies