August Schuerr


A carload of fellow recyclers spill out of a 1999 Subaru Outback in front of Coffee Crossing, including August Schuerr. Recycling is just one of the many after school clubs he is a part of. He orders and goes straight to the back to put cream in his sweetened iced coffee and sits down at a recently cleared table in the full capacity lounge. According to friend and former co-worker Sonia Bornemann, he is “super weird but also super reliable. He’s really imaginative and a blast to be around.”

      Schuerr starts his weekday as most teenagers at PHS do, waking up at 7:30, eating breakfast and going to school, but is involved with many after school clubs that keep him occupied until he can go home and sleep. One of these is climbing club. It usually meets every Tuesday and Thursday and Scheurr likes it because it is “fun,chill, and not competitive. You kinda just like compete with yourself and the wall”. He also likes it because he comes back a better climber for summer after his winter training.

     Wednesday’s, however, may be the busiest for Scheurr. Recycling meets every Wednesday as well as the occasional TSA (Technology Student Association) meeting which he is the president of. Mr. Isley holds this club in his room where all of the equipment is available for use. In this club, all members work on building projects such as catapults to practice for the end of the year competition. It is held in Billings in April for the statewide competition where their problem solving skills are put to the test and they have to think on your feet. “If you like Mr.Isley and technology and building stuff [then you’ll like TSA]” Schuerr says. TSA and recycling sometimes compete for Scheurr’s attention, but he always makes time for both.

      As a senior, Schuerr is ready to graduate, though he will miss some aspects of high school. “I like high school now cause I can kind of do whatever I want.” He plans on going to Gallatin College for CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining in hopes of becoming an engineer, though his dream job is to be Adam Savage from Myth Busters. “He builds stuff in his shop for people and that is like my dream!” Says Schuerr

      Right now, he has two independent studies one of which is for farm to school with Rachel or ‘Farmer’ Jones where he helps to repair the greenhouse’s aquaponics system. “I got to figure out how to fix it and I really like doing that but I don’t like actually taking care of plants cause I’m really bad at it.” Schuerr’s other independent study is going to be with Mr.Isley in what he describes as “CAD and 3D print stuff and mess around with all the CNC machines because they’re all really rad.”

      As Schuerr finishes his coffee and the interview comes to a close, it is evident that his interests have a common theme – he wants to help make the world a better place, and it seems like he’s already getting started.