Living “half on his own”

It may come as a surprise to find out that senior William Freland is a free and ready to mingle man. When you see him walking down the halls in his Chuck Taylor high top All stars, blasting J. Cole from his headphones, he seems to always stop and have nice long meaningful conversations with many humans of the opposite gender.

No, Will is not gay, he’s just your typical shaggy haired, video game loving boy. Typically Will does typically in school, does well in the classes he enjoys but may daze (or doze) off in his less exciting lessons. The less than typical part about this mystery man is where he’s living at with whom.

At the start of  his morning at 7:35 am, Will ties his left shoe first, searches for his right shoe, and waits for 10 minutes while Talia finishes getting ready so they can skirt out of the house and head to school. With Talia in the front and Brooklyn, their partner in crime, in the back the girls giggled in agreement, “he’s [Will] like my boyfriend but without any of the benefits”.

Will is compassionate and caring with his friends. Even though he’s not sure what he wants to do after high school, his friends have faith he will do something to make people laugh. His mother, Kim, agrees. Kim says, “I don’t know what Will is going to do, but I think it’s going to be something with people. He loves people and will do anything for those he cares for.”

His mother had a very beautiful message for Will, she hopes he finds something that gives him passion. She said “he’s young, he can do anything. The world is open to him. He can go live in Texas for a year, go sleep on a hundred different couches, even live out of his car. I hope he explores and I hope he finds something he loves doing.” He also has a very close group of friends that truly love and care for this courageous and crazy boy, “I want him to take risks and be willing to explore anything. He needs to know he’s always loved and we’re always here. His future’s so bright,” Brooklyn said when discussing their future plans.

Perhaps this tall and lanky boy will use his incredible musical talent to take the rap world by storm. He idolizes J. Cole, Snoop dogg, and Kendrick Lemar. During his choir career he has been the featured beat boxer on more than one occasion.

Free time for Will involves a lot of time with a very close group of friends. About five months ago Will made the decision to move out of his parents’ house and into Talia’s guest bedroom. The pair have created an unbreakable bond over the 18 years they’ve interacted, since their mothers were employed together at the pickle barrel, and the move offered them both an experience that is truly life changing. Every night you can expect a gathering in the Hansen/Freland household of anywhere from 3-12 people. The group often goes on adventures, plays card games, drives for hours to random places, and practices their handiwork in several mosaic and construction projects.

Will is 18 and paying rent, pays for gas in his car, and most of the food he eats; he does his own laundry and has to keep his room clean, he doesn’t have a curfew and has the expectations of an adult. Will says he has noticed a change within himself: he feels more responsible, he strives for his self approval, and he is confident in his decision making skills. For an 18-year-old who is living “half on his own” he’s doing very well, so ladies, snatch the catch before he swims away!