Funky finds- thrift shopping

When wandering the endless aisles of a thrift shop, you may become uninterested by the same well loved plain colored t-shirts and old smelly turtlenecks, but keep searching, for you may just find something unbelievable.
There are plenty of cool non-name brand articles of clothing there, but if you look closely you may even find brands anywhere from J.Crew to Coach hidden in the racks. Sometimes, it’s not only the designer brands that make good finds, but the quirky homemade or surprising vintage finds too.
Not only are the clothes unique, but you can find great pieces of furniture, weird mugs, and strange statues of various creatures. You can also find lots of craft supplies to make even more one of a kind things. Sometimes you will even find things that are worth much much more than their resale ticketed price! After finding a unique item it is always a fun and good idea to look up it’s worth online. Who knows, you may end up on an episode of Antiques Roadshow with your inexpensive thrift shop find. You never know what you might come across. Happy hunting!