Stranger Things Season 2 WARNING SPOILER ALERT

By Lily De Young Geyser Staff Writer Netflix’s original show, “Stranger Things”, has had the world abuzz since Season One. Now that the second season is out, the story is crazier than ever. Season two introduced many new characters: such as MadMax, Billy Hargrove, The Mind Flayer, and fan-favorite Bob are just a few of these new faces as well as the faceless Demodog. This … Continue reading Stranger Things Season 2 WARNING SPOILER ALERT

Letter to Freshman Self

Dear Freshman Brock, Being an upperclassmen, I’ve learned numerous things that I think would be helpful to your young, dumb, immature self.  Freshman year is important, take it seriously.  Don’t bury your GPA right away, it’s difficult to get it back up.  Get good grades with your future in mind, but don’t think about your future to much yet.  You’ll thank yourself later for getting … Continue reading Letter to Freshman Self

What to watch next while you “Netflix and chill”

With Netflix and Hulu becoming so popular, and much of our free time being spent carefully watching series after series until you hit that dreaded series finale, one has to wonder: what should I watch next? Everyone knows that feeling where you totally immerse yourself in a show. Everything about that show is appealing to you. The characters, the plot, the effects, every little thing … Continue reading What to watch next while you “Netflix and chill”